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First atomic structure of a bacterial bd-type oxidase

April 2016. The structure and arrangement of the heme cofactors of bd oxidase bear little resemblance to those of other membrane-spanning oxidases


Quality control in oocytes by p63 is based on a spring-loaded activation mechanism

April 2016. Mechanism revealed how p63 is kept inactive yet rapidly eliminates oocytes in response to a few DNA double strand breaks


Important new tool for single-molecule localization microscopy

March 2016. New open source software establishes streamlined approach for designing and validating super-resolution microscopy experiments


EU-Projekt zielt auf Heilung von Typ-1-Diabetes

April 2016. Forscher entwickeln Organoide aus Insulinzellen für die Transplantation


Quality of protein folding in cells is guided by synonymous codon usage

February 2016. NMR reveals multiple conformational and oxidation states of synonymous codon variants


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