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Vier CEF-Mitglieder gehören zu den am häufigsten zitierten Forschern:



Image Film der Goethe-Universität



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Ernst Bamberg erhält den Rumford-Preis der American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Februar 2019. Anerkennung für Beitrag zur Entdeckung und Entwicklung der Optogenetik


Molekularer Gefäßschutz

Januar 2019. lncRNA schützt vor Atherosklerose


BoTox toxin turned into a precision research tool

January 2019. Photoactivatable botulinum toxin for inducible control of neurotransmission


Plant-specific ribosome biogenesis factors

January 2019. Discovery of plant-specific ribosome biogenesis factors with essential function in rRNA processing


What fuels memory?

January 2019. Mitochondria are essential for local protein synthesis and synaptic plasticity in neurons


Development of a synthetic TAP inhibitor that can be cleaved by light

December 2018. Light-controlled TAP inhibitor expands the repertoire of chemical intervention tools for the study of immunological processes


High quality photoswitchable regulatory RNA tool developed

December 2018. New riboswitch aptamer with selective and isomer-specific binding to a novel photoswitchable ligand suitable for biological applications


New insights into the dynamics of riboswitch activation

December 2018. Structure-guided fluorescence labelling reveals a two-step binding mechanism of neomycin to its RNA aptamer


DFG approves CRC 1361 on DNA repair and genome stability

December 2018. Scientists from Johannes Gutenberg University, IMB, TU Darmstadt, LMU and Goethe University have joined forces to establish a new research hub in this biomedically highly relevant field


Vier CEF-Mitglieder gehören zu den am häufigsten zitierten Forschern weltweit

November 2018. Ivan Dikic, Stefanie Dimmeler, Stefan Knapp und Ernst Stelzer auf internationaler Liste top-zitierter Forscher


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