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Recent publications of CEF members in the journal Nature:

Faelber et al. published 10 July 2019 online by Nature
Hofmann, Januliene, Mehdipour et al. published 17 July 2019 online by Nature
Bhogaraju et al. published 22 July 2019 online by Nature



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Congratulations to Ernst Bamberg

September 2019. Ernst Bamberg named a Citation Laureate


The sleep neuron in threadworms is also a stop neuron

September 2019. Sleep or stop? The RIS neuron has both functions


Surprising insight into Legionnaires' disease

July 2019. Frankfurt researchers have explained the mechanism of regulator SidJ in detail


Translocation cycle of asymmetric ABC exporters resolved

July 2019. High resolution Cryo-EM structures delineate the full cycle of conformational changes of asymmetric ABC exporter proteins


New insights into the remodelling of mitochondria

July 2019. Structure and assembly of the mitochondrial membrane remodelling GTPase Mgm1


A tug of war: how Salmonella tackles cellular defense mechanisms

July 2019. CYRI/FAM49B negatively regulates RAC1-driven cytoskeletal remodelling and protects against bacterial infection


New insights into ribosome recycling with the enzyme ABCE1

July 2019. The twin-ATPase ABCE1 controls ribosome recycling by an asymmetric dynamic conformational equilibrium


Proteins are needed for memory, but where and when?

July 2019. New research method enables scientists to switch protein synthesis in individual nerve cells on and off at will


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