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DFG extends funding for research training group "Complex Scenarios of Light-Control":




New insights into the catalytic mechanism of an ABC membrane transporter:

Kaur et al. Journal of the American Chemical Society 10.1021/jacs.8b06739



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DFG extends funding for CLiC

November 2018. The research training group "Complex Scenarios of Light-Control" has successfully applied for a second funding period


New insights into the catalytic mechanism of an ABC membrane transporter

November 2018. Advanced spectroscopic approaches reveal unexplored nucleotide binding modes for the ABC exporter MsbA


Erin Schuman has been awarded the Mika Salpeter Lifetime Achievement Award

November 2018. The Society for Neuroscience recognizes Erin Schuman for her outstanding achievements in neuroscience and for promoting the professional advancement of women


Regulation of food-related behaviour by dopamine and neuropeptides may have been conserved during evolution

November 2018. Food sensation modulates locomotion by dopamine and neuropeptide signaling in a distributed neuronal network


Understanding quality control in the cellular immune system

October 2018. The biochemist Robert Tampé will receive € 1.5 million for a Koselleck project with the German Research Foundation starting in 2019


Expanding the optogenetics toolkit

October 2018. Topological inversion of rhodopsins yields new variants with unique properties


Live-cell labeling of endogenous proteins with high precision by transduced nanobodies

October 2018. High-throughput strategy to simultaneously target multiple endogenous proteins in living cells with nanometer resolution


Ivan Dikic appointed as Max Planck Fellow

October 2018. The Max Planck Institute of Biophysics has announced that Ivan Dikic has been appointed a Fellow of the Max Planck Society for a 5-year-term. This includes supervision of a small working group at the Frankfurt-based...


Cardiovascular Researchers in Frankfurt and Giessen are delighted about their success in the Excellence Strategy

September 2018. Joint project between Justus-Liebig-University, Goethe University and Max-Planck-Institute clears the last hurdle


Forschen an neuen Therapieformen zur Behandlung von Tumorerkrankungen

September 2018. Minister stellt das Frankfurt Cancer Institute vor, das am Campus Niederrad entstehen wird


A new piece in the puzzle of neuronal locomotion control

September 2018. Functionally asymmetric motor neurons contribute to the coordination of C. elegans movement


Self-healing dye for single-molecule fluorescence imaging

September 2018. TrisNTA fluorophores allow specific labeling and increased photostability


Decoding a cancer-relevant splicing decision

September 2018. High-throughput mutagenesis approach decodes a cancer-relevant splicing decision in the RON proto-oncogene


Conformational switch in the ribosomal protein S1 guides unfolding of structured RNAs for translation initiation

September 2018. Understanding the intricate coupling of protein and RNA folding dynamics that enable translation initiation of structured mRNAs


Simone Fulda elected member of Leopoldina

September 2018. Cancer researcher from Frankfurt elected to Germany's National Academy of Sciences


Blood vessels instruct brain development

August 2018. Neurovascular communication in the brain


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