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Erfolg bei SFB-Anträgen

May 2019. DFG verlängert Förderung des RNA SFB 902 und finanziert neue SFBs im Bereich der RNA-Forschung und der Krebsforschung


Protein supply in long nerves: how do neurons do it?

May 2019. High proportions of axon terminals contain protein synthesis machinery


Scholarships available for international Master students at Goethe University

May 2019. Full scholarships available for excellent applicants from all over the world


Functional cooperativity of dimers of an important solute carrier family

May 2019. Combined structural and functional data define the framework for a mechanistic understanding of functional cooperativity in SLC26 dimers.


Transport mechanism of an electroneutral antiporter solved

April 2019. Transport cycle of PaNhaP, a functional homologue of an important human drug target, solved by transition-path shooting


Ivan Dikic elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

April 2019. IBC2 director is honoured for his work in deciphering the role of ubiquitination and autophagy as quality control pathways in cells


Study suggests paradigm shift about the way microbial rhodopsins function

April 2019. Light-dependent functionally relevant cross talk between individual rhodopsins of a microbial rhodopsin oligomer


Ernst Bamberg receives Rumford Prize of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

April 2019. Recognition for contribution to the discovery and development of optogenetics


New EU project at BMLS

April 2019. EU project BRIGHTER: bio-printing 3D tissues with light sheets


CRISPR/Cas libraries open new avenues in cancer research

March 2019. Innovative methods lead to foundation of start-up Vivlion GmbH


Humboldt research fellow investigates rare hereditary disease

March 2019. Rukmini Mukherjee investigates what role reticulon mutations play in hereditary spastic paraplegia


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