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14. Dezember 2010

Martin Vabulas
Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Munich

"Intracellular Proteotoxicity" [Poster]

25. November 2010

Rune Linding
The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)

"Cancer and Integrative Network Biology" [Poster]

11. November 2010

David Cowburn
Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, New York, USA
"Protein-protein interactions at multiple times and scales" [Poster]

8. November 2010

Christian Haass
Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität, München
“Cellular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration” [Poster]

3. November 2010

5. CEF Adjunct Investigator Symposium
Max-Planck Institut für Biophysik

Markus Bohnsack
Goethe University, Institute of Molecular Biosciences

"Biogenesis and transport of ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes"

Alexander Gottschalk
Goethe University, Institute of Biochemistry

"Optogenetic analyses of synaptic transmission and ultrastructure neural networks, development and arrhythmia in C. elegans"

Thomas Meier
Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, Structural Biology

"The ATP synthase, a paradigmatic molecular machine: novel insights into the structure and function of an ion-driven motor"

Krishnaraj Rajalingam
Goethe University, Institute of Biochemistry II

"Novel role of Inhibitors of Apoptosis in regulating cell migration"

Georg Wille
Goethe University, Institute of Biophysics

"Watching them do it, or: observing enzymes during activation and turnover"

Jens Wöhnert
Goethe University, Institute of Molecular Biosciences

"Structural insights into the function of eukaryotic ribosome assembly factors required for small ribosomal subunit biogenesis"

Özkan Yildiz
Max Planck institute of Biophysics, Structural Biology

"Molecular interactions of pore forming toxins from pathogens"

14. Oktober 2010

Gemeinsames CEF/SFB Seminar mit Barry Honig
Columbia-Universität, New York, USA
"Multiscale experimental and computational studies of cadherin-mediated
cell-cell adhesion: From molecules to cells" [Poster]

14. September 2010

Richard Henderson
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, Great Britain

"Electron cryo-microscopy in structural biology: achievements and potential" [Poster]

17. Juni 2010

Gemeinsames CEF/SFB Seminar mit Dirk Slotboom
Universität Groningen, Niederlande 
"Bacterial ABC importers with and without soluble binding domains" [Poster]

3. Mai 2010

Natalia Jura
University of California, Berkeley, USA
"The Mechanism for Receptor Activation in the EGFR Family-A Unique Case Among Receptor Tyrosine Kinases" [Poster]

22. April 2010

Karl-Peter Hopfner
Universität München
"Repair and signaling of DNA double-strand breaks" [Poster]

16. April 2010

Valentina Perissi
University of California San Diego, USA
"The many faces ofthe NCoR corepressor complex" [Poster]

22. März 2010

Claire Wyart
University of California, Berkeley, USA
"In vivo exploration of the role of GABAergic neurons: activation during
sensory processing & manipulation with light" [Poster]

18. März 2010

Tassos Economou
Universität Kreta

"Protein secretion: the system-nanomachine cross-talk" [Poster]

17. März 2010

Gemeinsames CEF/MPI Seminar mit Robert Singer
Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, New York, USA
"Following single mRNA Molecules in Living Cells from Birth to Death" [Poster]

16. März 2010

Gemeinsames CEF/SFB Seminar mit Miriam Goodman
Department of Molecular & Cellular Physiology, School of Medicine, Stanford University, USA

"Using C. elegans to Deconstruct Neurosensory Mechanotransduction" [Poster]

25. Februar 2010

Utz Fischer
Universität Würzburg
"Molecular bodybuilding: how cells assemble RNA-protein complexes" [Poster]

16. Februar 2010

Gemeinsames CEF/SFB Seminar
Bob Sauer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA
"Allosteric protein machines: back to the future" [Poster]

28. Januar 2010

Katrin Rittinger
National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK
"Structural basis of signalling in immunity" [Poster]

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