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CEF Events 2014

4 December 2014

Martin Beck, EMBL Heidelberg
"Integrative structural analysis of the human nuclear pore complex" [Poster]


29 October 2014

Saleh Ibrahim, Universität zu Lübeck
"Mitochondrial genome in aging" [Poster]


22 September 2014

Richard Youle, NINDS Porter Neuroscience Research Center, USA
"Damage Control: role of PINK1, Parkin and mitochondrial autophagy in Parkinson’s Disease" [Poster]


24 July 2014

Ilme Schlichting, Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg
"X-ray FELs: Emerging opportunities for structural biology" [Poster]

18 July 2014

Thorsten Wohland, National University of Singapore
"Investigation of morphogen action and interactions in live zebrafsh embryos by Fluorescence Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy (FCCS)" [Poster]

21-22 May 2014

CEF Focus Project & Adjunct Investigator Symposium

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24 April 2014

Andreas Herrmann, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin
"Receptor Specificity of Influenza Virus - A Single Virus Force Spectroscopy and Force Probe MD Simulation study" [Poster]

13 March 2014

CEF-Minisymposium "Signalling Complexes in Innate and Adaptive Immunity" [Poster]

Andrea Ablasser, Bonn University
"The innate immune response to DNA in the cytosol"

Michael Reth, MPI of Immunobiology & Epigenetics and Freiburg University
"Sensing the unknown for antibody production: From the side chain theory to the dissociation activation model" [Abstract]

26 February 2014

Rudolf Winklbauer, University of Toronto, Canada
"Tissue separation in the vertebrate embryo" [Poster]

18 February 2014

Rachel Green, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Baltimore, USA
"mRNA surveillance starts on the ribosome" [Poster]

21 January 2014

Zvulun Elazar, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
"Autophagy in health and disease" [Poster]

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