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CEF Focus Projects

This programme provided seed funds for projects tackling important scientific questions that, although holding the promise of major gains, would not be financially supported by funding organizations due to the high risk of failure involved. CEF focus projects typically exploited the complementary scientific expertise of CEF scientists. Each project was coordinated by a CEF Principal Investigator. The project teams could include scientists who were not CEF members.


Funded projects:

Structural and functional remodeling of mitochondria during permeability transition
Ulrich Brandt, Ina Koch, Stefan Dröse,  Heinz Osiewacz & Werner Kühlbrandt

Ubiquitin modifications as key signaling hubs for the regulation of survival and of cell death pathways   
Ivan Dikic, Volker Dötsch, Simone Fulda, Mike Heilemann & Ina Koch

Dynamics of RNA and RNP distribution in cells
Erin Schuman, Alexander Heckel & Thomas Deller

Microbial rhodopsins as a tool to develop novel light-gated ion channels   
Clemens Glaubitz, Alexander Gottschalk, Thomas Prisner, Josef Wachtveitl & Christian Bamann

Optochemical biology:  in-situ membrane receptor clustering by light   
Robert Tampé, Mike Heilemann &  Ralph Wieneke

Regulation of transcriptional elongation by distinct post-transcriptional modifications of the P-TEFb kinase complex
Rolf Marschalek & Dieter Steinhilber

Nanocrystallization and X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) crystallography of macromolecular complexes
Thomas Meier, Klaas Martinus Pos, Martin Grininger & Volker Zickermann

Molecular basis and regulation of mitochondrial membrane structure and dynamics: an interdisciplinary approach characterizing the functional roles of crista junctions
Andreas Reichert, Karen Davies & Ilka Wittig

Molecular dynamics simulations using Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Enrico Schleiff & Udo Kebschull

Discovery, structure and function of eukaryotic riboswitches in plants
Harald Schwalbe, Enrico Schleiff & Jens Wöhnert

Characterization of mechanisms controlling circular RNAs generation   
Stefanie Dimmeler, Michaela Müller-McNicoll & Kathi Zarnack

Ubiquitin-like proteins of the human ATG8 family in spatio-temporal regulation of protein complexes   
Christian Behrends, Masato Akutsu, Volker Dötsch & Vladimir Rogov

Electron microscopy of mitochondrial complex I   
Werner Kühlbrandt, Volker Zickermann & Ulrich Brandt

Structural characterization of polyketide synthases (PKSs)   
Martin Grininger, Helge Bode & Achilleas Frangakis

Heterodimeric ABC transport complexes – from conformational dynamics to mechanism   
Robert Tampé, Gerhard Hummer, Thomas Prisner & Eric Geertsma

Membrane-on-nanopore chip detection of antibiotic excretion by three-component efflux pumps   
Klaas Martinus Pos & Robert Tampé