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Self-healing dye for single-molecule fluorescence imaging

September 2018. TrisNTA fluorophores allow specific labeling and increased photostability


Decoding a cancer-relevant splicing decision

September 2018. High-throughput mutagenesis approach decodes a cancer-relevant splicing decision in the RON proto-oncogene


Conformational switch in the ribosomal protein S1 guides unfolding of structured RNAs for translation initiation

September 2018. Understanding the intricate coupling of protein and RNA folding dynamics that enable translation initiation of structured mRNAs


Simone Fulda neues Mitglied in Leopoldina

September 2018. Frankfurter Kinderkrebsforscherin wurde in die Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften gewählt


Blood vessels instruct brain development

August 2018. Neurovascular communication in the brain


New synthesis approach allows modification of long RNAs in a position-specific manner for biophysical studies

July 2018. Method enables incorporation of a wide range of modifications at any desired position in RNAs of any lengths


Correlative single-molecule FRET and DNA-PAINT imaging

July 2018. Correlative single-molecule FRET and DNA-PAINT imaging opens the door for accurate distance readout in the 1–10 nm range


68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

July 2018. Hartmut Michel’s presentation to an international audience of young scientists is available online


Complexities of organelle biology

July 2018. With the complexities of organelle communication and their dynamics under intense investigation, what are the new principles that are emerging, and where is the field headed?


Dynamics of nucleic acids at room temperature revealed by pulsed EPR

June 2018. New method to study dynamics of biomolecules with atomistic resolution at physiological temperature


Optimizing nanotool structure for tracking proteins

June 2018. Scaffold design of trivalent chelator heads dictates high-affinity and stable His-tagged protein labeling in vitro and in cellulo


Konventionelle Antibiotika-Therapie ergänzen

Mai 2018. Frankfurter Forscher entschlüsseln atomare Details eines Legionellen-Toxins und entwickeln ersten Inhibitor


Silicon chips with transparent microcavities for high-throughput optical studies of single membrane proteins

May 2018. Transparent chip design provides parallel and independent fluorescent readout of both cavities and buffer reservoir for unbiased single-transporter recordings


Structure, mechanism, and regulation of the chloroplast ATP synthase

May 2018. High-resolution cryo-EM structure of an intact chloroplast ATP synthase provides new insights into an ancient biological process


Chemiker Stefan Knapp zum EMBO-Mitglied gewählt

Mai 2018. Eine Brücke zwischen Epigenetik und Krebstherapie


Schnelle Lichtkanäle befeuern das Hören

Mai 2018. Mit optogenetischen Cochlea-Implantaten könnten taube Menschen möglicherweise eines Tages Musik hören


Donated chemical probes for open science

April 2018. Innovative selective small molecule modulators of protein function now available as new tools for the scientific community


Dynamics of untranslated regions of neuronal mRNA molecules

April 2018. Alternative 3′ UTRs modify the localization, regulatory potential, stability, and plasticity of mRNAs in neuronal compartments


Scholarships available for international Goethe University Master students

April 2018. Full scholarships available for excellent applicants from all over the world with a first degree from a non-German university


Robert Tampé erhält ERC-Advanced Investigator Grant

April 2018. EU unterstützt die Forschung von Robert Tampé zur Immunabwehr in der Zelle mit 2,5 Millionen Euro


Halogen‐aromatic pi-interactions modulate inhibitor residence time

April 2018. Strategy to prolong inhibitor residence times to increase efficacy of medical drugs


Water emerges as key player in the opening of a membrane channel important in optogenetics

March 2018. Early functional dynamics of channelrhodopsin-2 explored through molecular simulations


Opportunities for female scientists

March 2018. Science correspondent interviews Erin Schuman and other MPI directors


„AGameOfClones“ unterscheidet transgene Modellorganismen

März 2018. Universelles Vektor-Konzept zur Unterscheidung von homozygoten und heterozygoten Organismen


Conserved arrangement of complex I and III2 in mitochondrial respiratory chain supercomplexes

March 2018. Mutual arrangement of the two largest components of the respiratory chain is essentially the same in mammals, plants and yeast, indicating that this arrangement is important for electron transfer


Life times of metastable states guide regulatory signaling in transcriptional riboswitches

March 2018. Kinetic and simulation framework contributes to understanding of transcriptional riboswitches


Super-chelators for advanced protein labeling in living cells

February 2018. New chelators permit kinetic profiling, multiplexed labeling of His6 and His12-tagged proteins as well as single-molecule based super-resolution imaging


Fruchtbar bleiben trotz Chemotherapie?

Februar 2018. Forscher der Goethe-Universität entschlüsseln Wirkung von Chemotherapeutika auf Eizellen


New proteins for new memories

February 2018. Time- and polarity-dependent proteomic changes associated with homeostatic scaling at central synapses


Simone Fulda zur Vizepräsidentin der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt gewählt

Februar 2018. Die Direktorin des Instituts für Experimentelle Tumorforschung in der Pädiatrie am Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt wird ihr Amt als Vizepräsidentin zum 1. Mai antreten


Clonal expansion of endothelial cells contributes to blood vessel growth

January 2018. Mature endothelial cells have the capacity to clonally expand and contribute to ischemia-induced newly formed vessels


Ursache für schwere Erbkrankheit aufgeklärt

Januar 2018. Das ACE-Syndrom wird durch pathologische Protein-Aggregate verursacht


Regulation of endothelial gene expression by a long non-coding RNA

January 2018. The lncRNA GATA6-AS epigenetically regulates endothelial gene expression via interaction with LOXL2


Stefan Knapp is among the most cited protein scientists in Europe

January 2018. Lab Times ranking lists Stefan Knapp as the 10th most cited European protein scientist


Subtype specificity in human peptide GPCRs by DNP-enhanced solid-state NMR

January 2018. Study solves puzzle how closely related receptors with high sequence similarity differentiate between very similar peptides