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Minister-President of the State of Hesse formally opens new research institutes

Scientific symposium marks official opening of Biologicum and CEF research budiling


DFG provides large-scale equipment grant for dynamic nuclear polarisation

Support for method that enhances sensitivity of NMR spectroscopy by some orders of magnitude


Chaperone system resolved

Guiding tail-anchored membrane proteins to their destination


EMBO awards life-long membership to Volker Dötsch

FMLS Vice Director and Professor at the Institute of Biophysical Chemistry elected as one of 46 new members


ERC Starting Grant awarded to Christian Behrends

European Research Council approved funding for proposal on xenophagy and bacterial avoidance


Completion of FMLS building

August 2011. After only two years of construction time, the new FMLS building has now been finished. Seven groups from a wide range of disciplines have moved in already, creating a vibrant scientific atmosphere. The building ...


Exploring the autophagy network

Christian Behrends receives Emmy Noether fellowship


Cerebellar-dependent learning in larval zebrafish

New conditioning paradigm in zebrafish larvae reveals associative learning mediated by cerebellar neurons


DNA’s sister molecule in the focus

New Collaborative Research Center on RNA function approved by the DFG


New defense mechanism against Salmonella elucidated

Phosphorylation of the autophagy receptor optineurin restricts salmonella growth


Calcium-dependent dynamics of cadherin interactions at cell-cell junctions

Direct visualization and quantification of spatiotemporal dynamics in living cells


Characteristics of human lysozyme and its disease-related mutants in their unfolded states

Understanding of structural determinants of amyloid formation in disease-related point mutations of human lysozyme.


Exact conformational analysis of 2'-OH group in RNA now possible

Determination of the Conformation of the 2'OH Group in RNA by NMR Spectroscopy and DFT Calculations


RNA and DNA in living cells measured using PELDOR

Pulsed EPR spectroscopy allows mapping of the structure of nucleic acids


NMR structures of promising antibiotic for characterization of the ribosomal binding site

Key conformational and structural parameters involved in thiostrepton targeting the ribosome identified


Ephrin Bs essential components of the Reelin pathway

New results on molecular mechanisms of neuronal migration


Results shed new light on the development of chronic dermatitis

A new signaling pathway of the immune system is elucidated


Maintaining genomic stability in the female germline

DNA damage in oocytes induces switch of quality control factor from dimer to tetramer


How eyes create neural circuits to analyze motion

Optogenetics sheds light on old mystery


Crosstalk between heat shock protein chapterones and heat stress transcription factors

Versatile regulatory regime proposed for the control of heat stress response


CEF research article in F1000 library of top 2% of published articles

Engineering encodable Lanthanide-binding tags into loop regions of proteins


Ribosome recycling depends on mechanistic link between FeS cluster domain and a conformational switch of the twin-ATPase ABCE1

Ancestral role and mechanistic principles of twin-ATPase ABCE1 in ribosome recycling


Thomas Prisner honoured for his major contributions to the application of ESR spectroscopy

The Bruker Lectureship is awarded by the ESR Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry for major contributions to the application of ESR spectroscopy in chemical or biological systems.


Optogenetics chosen as Method of the Year 2010

The journal Nature Method chose optogenetics for its capacity to control cell function with light