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Three new positions for W1 professors

W1 professorships advertised in mass spectrometry, membrane/lipid biochemistry and RNA regulation in higher eukaryotes


Im Clinch mit der Anstandsdame

5. Oktober 2012. Frankfurter Rundschau veröffentlicht Artikel über die Arbeit von Martin Vabulas: Link


Call for proposals for CEF Focus Projects

Deadline extended up to 14 January 2013


ERC grants for Michael Potente and Martin Vabulas

The European Research Council has awarded again starting grants to young CEF scientists


Call for applications for CEF Adjunct Investigator status

CEF invites applications from researchers in Frankfurt for CEF Adjunct Investigatorships


The potential of light as a tool

Review of methods using light to explore spatial and temporal control of important processes


Significant new findings on protein folding dynamics

F1000 recommended study describes modulation of structure and dynamics by disulfide bond formation


A new toolkit for monitoring endogenous ubiquitin

BMLS scientists developed specific Ubiquitin biosensors for in vivo application


CEF successful in new round of Excellence Initiative

Multi-million Euro grant to expand groundbreaking research on macromolecular complexes in Frankfurt


Engineering of rotor ring stoichiometries in ATP synthase

Alteration of the gear ratio of an ATP synthase by introducing mutations in its amino acid sequence


Think global, act local: new roles for protein synthesis at synapses

The local transcriptome in the synaptic neuropil revealed by deep sequencing and high-resolution imaging


Antibiotic resistance: Structures of a multidrug efflux pump in complex with antibiotics

High resolution (1.9-2.25 Å) structures of the membrane protein AcrB in complex with multiple antibiotics


Suche nach der Nadel im Molekülhaufen

Nano-Rezeptoren erkennen selektiv einzelne Moleküle


Caged glutathione: Triggering protein interaction by light

New photoactivatable capturing tag based on GST-GSH interaction


Großgeräte effizienter nutzen

Nationales NMR-Netzwerk auf den Weg gebracht


Institute renamed to honour sponsor

Josef Buchmann sponsors FMLS


Volker Dötsch receives substantial funds for Reinhart Kosseleck Project

Research into genetic quality control in oocytes received major financial boost