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Key insights for the improvement of caging groups

December 2013. Rational optimization of photolabile protecting groups to improve their use as tools for triggering reactions with light.


Ernst Stelzer will receive Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Microscopical Society

November 2013. The Society honours Ernst Stelzer's contribution to the development of confocal microscopy.


Call for applications for CEF Adjunct Investigator Status

CEF invites applications from scientists in Frankfurt for CEF Adjunct Investigatorships


Nina Morgner joins CEF: From Oxford to Frankfurt

September 2013. W1 Professor in Development of Mass Spectrometry starts her new job.


Molecular mechanism of prion protein oligomerization at atomic resolution

2D time-resolved NMR study characterizes the oligomerization kinetics during prion protein pathogenesis with unprecedented site-specificity


Amparo Acker-Palmer: Exzellente Fachfrau für Zellen

24. August 2013. Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung veröffentlicht ein Profil von Amparo Acker-Palmer: Link zum FAZ-Artikel


„Ub-Net“ and „SynChemBio“ funded

Collaborative research on ubiquitin networks as well as on innovative chemical synthesis for the selective modulation of biologicals processes funded in the Hessian LOEWE Programme


Three-state mechanism couples ligand and temperature sensing in riboswitches

Regulation mechanism of adenine-sensing riboswitch in Vibrio vulnificus differs from two-state switch mechanism


Hessian Minister for Federal Affairs visits BMRZ and BMLS

CEF scientists explain research on macromolecular complexes to Michael Boddenberg on his visit on 10 June 2013


New technology for direct detection of DNA double strand breaks

Nucleotide-resolution DNA double strand break mapping by next-generation sequencing


New class of cancer suppressing chemical identified

Characterisation and molecular mechanism of entirely novel small-molecule multi-FGF receptor blocker that inhibits tumor angiogenesis and growth


Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize 2013 for Ivan Dikic

In recognition of his groundbreaking work in decrypting the Ubiquitin code, Ivan Dikic is to receive Germany’s most prestigious scientific award


Ernst Bamberg awarded the Brain Prize 2013

Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation awards 1 million Euro prize to optogenetics pioneers


TEDxCaltech lecture by Erin Schuman available online

Protein synthesis at the synapses lecture at TEDx Brain event hosted by California Institute of Technology


Ivan Dikic to receive Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine

Jung Foundation for Science and Research awards prize for ground breaking research on the role of Ubiquitin in cellular signal regulation