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Award for discovery of light-activated ion channels and their application in neurobiology

Ernst Bamberg, Georg Nagel and Peter Hegemann receive Karl Heinz Beckurts Award


CEF researcher chosen as partner in a large NIH-funded research consortium on membrane proteins

The dynamics involved in many membrane protein processes will be investigated by the Membrane Protein Structural Dynamics Consortium


Multiplexed parallel single transport recordings on nanopore arrays

New technique for high-throughput analysis of membrane proteins


Nature Chemical Biology Highlight

Microscopic rotary mechanism of ion translocation in the Fo complex of ATP synthases


5th CEF Adjunct Investigator Symposium to take place on 3 November 2010

Public symposium at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, Riedberg Campus


The way Carnitin enters cells

Frankfurt scientists decode transport protein in the cell membrane


Frankfurt researcher is admitted to the German Academy of Sciences

Ivan Dikic becomes a member of the Leopoldina


Shaping the future: Defining moments in chemistry and medicine

Symposium to celebrate 25 years of the Rolf Sammet Guest Professorship at the Goethe University


CEF Explorer presentation session

Biocenter, Campus Riedberg, 24 August


Call for Applications for CEF Adjunct Investigator Status



Digital Fly Embryo

Fast, high-contrast imaging of animal development by scanned light sheet-based structured illumination microscopy


The structure of cbb3 cytochrome oxidase provides insights into proton pumping

The electron supply system and the proton pumping mechanism of this C-family cbb3 oxidase differ substantially from those of the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidases


Ultrafast molecular movies

Jens Bredenbeck appointed to W3 professorship in Frankfurt


X-ray structural analysis provides new insights into the mode of action of respiratory complex I

Molecular architecture of complex I suggests proton pumping by conformational coupling via a long helical transmission-element


Structural insight into the substrate-shuttling mechanism of fatty acid synthase in yeast

Cryo EM reveals acyl carrier protein (ACP) in several alternative locations next to the catalytic domains


In situ visualization and dynamics of newly synthesized proteins in neurons

New method to detect changes in protein synthesis and to evaluate the fate of proteins synthesized in different cellular compartments.


Structural Studies of 13C,15N-labeled RNA by Solid-State NMR spectroscopy

New options for studies of large RNA-protein-complexes


The transport complex TAP and the art of substrate selection

Crucial cysteinyl residue identified by group of Robert Tampé


Presenilin and the development of Alzheimer

Researchers at the Goethe University in Frankfurt have solved the structure of the C-terminal domain of presenilin


New target for tumor therapy

Nature letter: When drugs could permanently disrupt the pathological formation of blood vessels


Neurons growing in line

Cultured cells in microfluidic chambers enable systematic experiments at the synapse


How to predict memory strength

Erin Schuman and colleagues report new findings in the journal Nature


Steering neurons through the use of light

Heisenberg Professor Alexander Gottschalk is one of the pioneers of optogenetics, a new area of research in neurobiology


In situ assembly of macromolecular complexes triggered by light

Robert Tampé and colleagues report how "light switches" can be used to control biomolecular interactions


Ernst Bamberg honoured with the Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences

The Wiley Prize will be awarded to Ernst Bamberg, Peter Hegemann and Georg Nagel for their discovery of a family of light activated ion channels


Croatian state honors Ivan Dikic

Croatia's President awards Ivan Dikic the Order of Duke Branimir with Ribbon


Ivan Dikic wins ERC Advanced Investigator Grant

The ERC grant will provide Ivan Dikic with 2.5 Mio Euro to establish a multidisciplinary research program


Amparo Acker-Palmer wins The Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize for Young Researchers

The prize is awarded for her research into ephrins and Eph receptors and their significance in the plasticity of the brain and the development of blood vessels