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Speed limit for receptor trafficing in the cell

Protein acetylation inhibits effects of growth factors


Characterization of the unfolded state of the human prion protein

Using high-resolution NMR spectroscopy, the Schwalbe group could characterize the unfolded state of the human prion protein in its SS-oxidized and -reduced state


Achilleas Frangakis wins ERC-Starting Grant

The cryo EM expert plans to use the 1.7 Million Euro grant money from the ERC to expand his interdisciplinary research group of biologists, physicists and biochemists.


Markus Bohnsack publishes new paper in Molecular Cell

CEF Adjunct Investigator and his collaborators identify binding sites of a eukaryotic RNA helicase on pre-ribosomal RNA


Alzheimer's disease begins with damaged cell respiration

Genetic defects affect the energy metabolism of mitochondria


Sir Hans Krebs Prize for Ivan Dikic

The FMLS director is awarded the prize for his work on a novel ubiquitin receptor


PACEM Cryo Electron Microscope installed in Frankfurt

Scientists of the CEF together with the company Carl Zeiss have developed a prototype of a new electron microscope, which provides higher contrast with biological samples


Ernst Stelzer elected to EMBO

CEF Investigator Ernst Stelzer has been elected a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)


Ernst Stelzer wins HMLS Prize

Ernst Stelzer wins award for his achievements in the visual representation of the behavior of cells during vertebrate embryogenesis


Markus Bohnsack wins FEBS Distinguished Young Investigator Award

CEF Adjunct Investigator awarded prize for his work on the function of RNA helicases in the biogenesis of ribosomes


Call for Applications for CEF Adjunct Investigator Status

Deadline for applications: 21 September 2009


Neural stem cell differentiation factor discovered

Why neural stem cells divide and differentiate


One of the world's leading experts in light microscopy returns to the Goethe University

The Cluster is delighted to announce that Ernst Stelzer has accepted the CEF Professorship in Advanced Light Microscopy


New Nature Chemical Biology paper by Dieter Steinhilber and colleagues

Bioactivity-guided mapping and navigation of chemical space


New findings published on the human protein complex Hsp90-Cdc37

Harald Schwalbe and colleagues report new findings about the human protein complex Hsp90-Cdc37 in the journal "Angewandte Chemie"


Public relations

CEF exhibition stall at the Goethe University’s summer fair


International CEF Symposium

The latest research results on macromolecular complexes were exchanged at the International CEF Symposium, which took place on 5.-6. June 2009 on Niederrad Campus in Frankfurt


Publication by Heinz Osiewacz and Karin Luce in Nature Cell Biology

Increasing the lifespan of organisms by improving mitochondrial quality control of proteins


Venki Ramakrishnan is visiting Frankfurt

One of the world's leading expert in ribosome structure analysis is awarded with the Rolf-Sammet-Professorship 2009


Ernst Bamberg awarded Wissenschaftspreis

The CEF congratulates Ernst Bamberg to receiving the Wissenschaftspreis of the Stifterverband. Arend Oetker, the President of the Stifterverband, presented the award to Ernst Bamberg on 18 June 2009 in Mainz.


New fundamental findings in mitochondrial biology

Important discovery about the morphology of mitochondria membranes by Andreas Reichert and colleagues


Ministers laid the foundation stone of the CEF building on 5 June 2009

The CEF Building will provide 3000 m² of laboratory and office space on the Riedberg Campus.


New Paper published in "Accounts of Chemical Research"

Jens Bredenbeck and colleagues illustrate the potential of extending 2D-IR spectroscopy to the investigation of surface molecular dynamics


New publications by Rolf Marschalek and colleagues

Recent research results published in "Journal of Clinical Oncology" and "Blood"


Ivan Dikic appointed Chairman of Scientific Advisory Group of SCILLS

The new Scottish Institute for Cell Signalling invites Ivan Dikic to become Chairman of its Scientific Advisory Group


60 A-level students participate in first round of the CEF Explorer programme

The introduction session for the CEF Explorer took place on 1 April 2009 on the Riedberg Campus


A paradigm shift in immune response regulation

Ivan Dikic and colleagues report discovery of a new signalling pathway in the journal Cell


Structural arrangement of the transmission interface in the antigen ABC transport complex TAP resolved

A team of scientists led by Robert Tampé report their latest finding in PNAS


New Molecular Cell paper by Ivan Dikic and colleagues

Ivan Dikic and colleagues report a role for NBR1 in autophagosomal degradation of ubiquitinated substrates


Report in Nature Chemical Biology

Recent conference in Frankfurt highlights promising progress in the field of biological membranes and membrane proteins


Jens Bredenbeck wins ADUC award

Adjunct Investigator Jens Bredenbeck receives ADUC prize of the German Chemical Society (GDCh)


New paper in PNAS by Robert Tampé

A collaboration between scientists in Switzerland, the US and Frankfurt shows surprising properties of certain human T-cells


Video about CEF available online

Find out more about the CEF and its research by watching this DFG-produced short film of the Cluster


Harald Schwalbe becomes new CEF Director

The CEF Assembly elected Harald Schwalbe to follow into Werner Müller-Esterl's footsteps from February 2009


Ivan Dikic to head new CEF Institute

The Assembly of the Cluster has elected Ivan Dikic as the first director of the new CEF Institute