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Interview with CEF Investigator published by German daily newspaper

Alexander Heckel reports about how he got into chemistry and about his current research


Alexander Heckel wins stipend from VCI

Alexander Heckel wins stipend from the Verband der Chemischen Industrie


CEF Director to become next president of the Goethe University

29 October 2008: Werner Müller-Esterl was elected as the successor of Rudolf Steinberg who will step down as president of the Goethe University at the end of 2008


Achilleas Frangakis accepts CEF position

Expert in electron tomography joins CEF faculty


Call for Applications for CEF Adjunct Investigator Status

Applications are invited from scientists in Frankfurt for CEF Adjunct Investigatorships. Deadline: 25 October 2008


PhD Position available

Deadline 8 October 2008


Another PNAS paper by P. Fucini just published

Oxazolidinone antibiotics perturb the ribosomal peptidyl-transferase center and effect tRNA positioning


Michael Karas and colleagues publish new paper in PNAS

4-Chloro-α-cyanocinnamic acid is an advanced, rationally designed MALDI matrix


Paola Fucini and Sean Connell publish results in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

A new tRNA intermediate revealed on the ribosome during EF4-mediated back-translocation


New Nature paper by Volker Dötsch and colleagues

Structural basis for the selectivity of the external thioesterase of the surfactin synthetase


Two new Nature Neuroscience papers published by Betz and Acker-Palmer's groups

Amparo Acker-Palmer's team report a model of cooperative AMPA receptor and ephrinB2 reverse signaling at the synapse. Heinrich Betz and colleagues report that PICK1 uncoupling from mGluR7a causes absence-like seizures.


PLoS Genetics paper published by Andreas Reichert

Andreas Reichert publishes paper on mitochondrial targeting adaptation of glutamate dehydrogenase with Henrik Kaessmann's group at the University of Lausanne


New PNAS papers by Andreas Reichert and Jens Bredenbeck

Andreas Reichert together with collaborators from the universities of Munich, Yale and Ohio State just published new results on tRNA import by mitochondria in PNAS


Institute of Biochemistry II publishes new Nature Cell Biology Paper

Werner Müller-Esterl delighted with the success of Metello Innocenti and his team.


Call for Proposals

The cluster invites proposals for research projects. Deadline for proposals: 15 August 2008.


New PNAS paper published online

Volker Dötsch and colleagues publish paper on transmembrane segment enhanced labeling as a tool for the backbone assignment of α-helical membrane proteins


Martin Pos from the University of Zürich joins the CEF

Martin Pos accepts the offer to become CEF Professor of Membrane Transport Machineries. His research focuses on the structure and function of membrane transport machineries, in particular on tripartite multidrug efflux...


Reported in Nature: Major advance in understanding how the proteasome catches its targets

Ivan Dikic and colleagues report the identification of a new ubiquitin receptor as well as its ubiquitin-binding mechanism. The results were published on 22 May 2008 in two papers in Nature:


Molecular Cell paper by Paola Fucini`s group

Translational Regulation via L11: Molecular Switches on the Ribosome Turned On and Off by Thiostrepton and Micrococcin


Third paper in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

Wittig, Stuart, Velours and Schägger (2008) Characterization of domain-interfaces in monomeric and dimeric ATP synthase. Mol. Cell. Proteomics


Paper in Nature Immunology

Robert Tampé and colleagues present new results on "Spatial and mechanistic separation of cross-presentation and endogenous antigen presentation". The abstract and full text can be accessed here.



The CEF is seeking to appoint an outstanding scientist in Electron Optics/Electron Cryo-Microscopy


Bredenbeck research featured in Nature and Science

Recent results published by CEF Adjunct Investigator Jens Bredenbeck and co-workers received widespread attention from top scientific journals.


Next CEF Seminar on Fri 11 Jan

Martin Pos from the University of Zurich will speak about "The AcrB Efflux Pump : Conformational Cycling and Peristalsis lead to Multidrug Resistance".