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The CEF is seeking to appoint outstanding scientists in the following subject areas: 1. Membrane Transport Machineries 2. Macromolecular Complexes in Cell Biology Click here for further information.


New positions available

The Cluster of Excellence “Macromolecular Complexes“ at Frankfurt University is seeking to appoint outstanding scientists in the following subject areas: 1. W2 Professorship in Membrane Transport Machineries 2. W2...


Two new Heckel papers

Papers in RNA and Angewandte Chemie


CEF Scientist wins funding from the AFI

Ritva Tikkanen is one of eight scientists receiving funding from the Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e. V. this year for research relevant to Alzheimer's disease.


Applications invited for Adjunct CEF Investigator Status

Second round of Adjunct CEF Investigators


New publication in PNAS

Structure and dynamics of a riboxome-bound nascent chain by NMR spectroscopy


New CEF Professor in Large Synaptic Complexes

Dr Amparo Acker-Palmer joins the CEF Faculty


CEF in the news

Prof. Werner Müller-Esterl und Prof. Alexander Heckel interviewed by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


CEF Research on the cover

Research by CEF Adjunct Investigator Thomas Meier and colleagues made the covers of Molecular Microbiology and the Journal of Bacteriology.


New jobs available

(see Jobs@CEF for further details)


Prof. Enrico Schleiff accepts the chair of Plant Genetics

Prof. Enrico Schleiff has accepted the chair of Plant Genetics at the Goethe University Frankfurt.


Dr Paola Fucini joins the CEF Faculty

Dr Paola Fucini becomes Professor of X-ray Crystallography of RNA-protein Complexes at Frankfurt University


Dr Andreas Reichert joins the CEF

Dr Andreas Reichert has accepted the offer of the Professorship of Mitochondrial Biology.


Emmy Noether Fellow Dr Alexander Heckel joins the CEF

Dr Alexander Heckel has been appointed Professor of Chemical Biology at the Goethe University Frankfurt, a professorship funded by the CEF.


Kovalevskaja Award Winner joins the CEF

Dr Jens Bredenbeck becomes CEF Ajunct Investigator.


New paper in Molecular Cell

Biochemists under the leadership of CEF-Adjunct Investigator Ivan Dikic report E3-independent monoubiquitination of ubiquitin-binding proteins.


Hessen-Biotech News

CEF in Hessen-Biotech News


New Nature paper

CEF Adjunct Investigator Alexander Gottschalk is one of the authors of a new Nature paper entitled "Multimodal fast optical interrogation of neural circuitry".


Heisenberg Professorship

CEF Adjunct Investigator Jacob Piehler has been selected as one of the first Heisenberg Professors