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News Archive

Delivery of sub-mm wavelength microwave spectrometer worth 1.5 Mio €

December 2014. The new 260 GHz EPR spectrometer will allow the research group of Thomas Prisner to investigate macromolecular systems under physiological conditions with higher spectral resolution.


New approach to modifying functional properties of rhodopsin optogenetic tools

December 2014 – via the retinal chromophore, not the protein


Better imaging through chemistry

December 2014. Commentary on the contributions made by the Nobel laureates in Chemistry 2014


Mechanistic basis for antigen translocation

November 2014. Determinants of the directionality and energetics of active export by the heterodimeric ABC transporter TAP


Hypoxia protein also regulates growth factors

November 2014. Why cancer cells grow despite a lack of oxygen


Macromolecular transport complex in motion

November 2014. Subnanometre-resolution structure of the heterodimeric ABC exporter TmrAB elucidated


Obituary for Prof. Bernhard Brutschy

CEF Senior Scientist Bernhard Brutschy died at the age of 68 on 14th of October 2014


Call for proposals for CEF focus projects

October 2014. CEF invites proposals for exceptionally innovative research projects.


Unprecedented mechanism in bacterial efflux pump revealed

October 2014. Coupling of remote alternating-access transport mechanisms for protons and substrates in the multidrug efflux pump AcrB of E. coli


Breakthrough in liver cancer

September 2014. New mutation causing early onset liver cancer detected


Internationaler Zavoisky-Forschungspreis für Thomas Prisner

September 2014. Weiterentwicklung der EPR-Spektroskopie und Anwendung in der Biophysik ausgezeichnet


Ivan Dikic to become a Vallee Visiting Professor at Harvard Medical School

August 2014. The Vallee Foundation announced the appointment of several new Vallee Visiting Professors, who will receive the resources to spend one month at a biomedical research institute of their choice.


Kassel Foundation prize 2014 goes to Harald Schwalbe

July 2014. NMR expert awarded Scientist of the Year prize


BMLS tours well received

June 2014. The Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences opened its doors to the general public as part of the University's Open Sunday on Riedberg Campus


3D protein networks assembled by two-photon activation

May 2014. Three-dimensional assembly of protein structures in real time at hitherto unseen resolution in time and space


CLiC funded

May 2014. DFG will fund research training group on complex scenarios of light-control at the Goethe University Frankfurt


The control of signaling in immunity and inflammation

April 2014. Binding of OTULIN to the PUB domain of HOIP controls NF-κB signaling


HFSP Program Grant for BMLS

April 2014. International Human Frontier Science Program will fund international collaboration investigating sensors and modulators of autophagy networks in vivo


1.2 GHz NMR spectrometer for Frankfurt

April 2014. German Council of Science and Humanities selects Frankfurt bid for funding


Amparo Acker-Palmer becomes Max Planck Fellow

April 2014. MPI for Brain Research welcomes expert on molecular mechanisms in neuro and vascular guidance


Harald Schwalbe appointed EU representative of Goethe University

April 2014. University opens Brussels office


German Society for Cell Biology honours Ernst Stelzer

March 2014. Frankfurt Scientist receives "Carl Zeiss Lecture 2014" award for his contributions to light microsopy


CEF welcomes Michaela Müller-McNicoll to Frankfurt

March 2014. New junior professor on Riedberg Campus


New piece in the puzzle of neuronal communication

February 2014. Thr956 and 14-3-3 regulate GRIP1-mediated cargo transport


Congratulations to Simone Fulda

Februar 2014. Deutscher Krebspreis 2014 für Frankfurter Forscherin


Hartmut Michel interview on German television

February 2014. Biochemist Harmut Michel, director of the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, was featured in series on Frankfurt's Nobel Prize winners.


Functional insights into the rhodopsin activation process

February 2014. Characterization of the simultaneous decay kinetics of metarhodopsin states II and III in rhodopsin by solution-state NMR spectroscopy


CEF and BMLS featured on television

January 2014. German TV channel BR alpha broadcast about Goethe University.


Eric Geertsma joins CEF

January 2014. CEF welcomes new W1 Professor in Membrane/Lipid Biochemistry.