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Ivan Dikic wins ERC Advanced Investigator Grant

January 2010 - FRANKFURT. Ivan Dikic, professor at the Medical School  of the Goethe University, CEF Principal Investigator and director of the Frankfurt Institute for Molecular life Sciences has been awarded an Advanced Investigator Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). Ivan Dikic receives this grant to elucidate the function and relevance of linear ubiquitin chains in physiological and pathophysiological processes ranging from NF-kB signalling and inflammation, DNA damage and cancer, to a cellular process of self-eating known as autophagy. The project involves multidisciplinary approaches from biochemical and structural analyses to mouse models and chemical screens for potential drug targets.

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Contact: Prof. Ivan Dikic, Frankfurt Institute for Molecular Life Science (FMLS), Institute of Biochemistry, Medical School, Goethe University Frankfurt, Tel: (069) 6301-5964, ivan.dikic@biochem2.de.