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Multiplexed parallel single transport recordings on nanopore arrays

27 October 2010.
Membrane-associated receptors, channels and transporters are among the key targets for the pharmaceutical industry to develop new drug compounds. Robert Tampé and colleagues have just presented a new technique for the multiplexed and therefore high-throughput compatible analysis of these fragile membrane proteins. The proteins are introduced to a lab-on-chip device comprising approx. 50,000 nanopores, which in turn facilitates the analysis of membrane transport by fluorescence microscopy. On these nanopore chips, a multitude of experiments can be performed simultaneously. Membrane transporters that are sensitive to organic solvents or do not generate an electric signal can be analyzed, which is often an obstacle for related methods. The joint research project is conducted in collaboration with the W. Schottky Institute at the Technical University Munich (Prof. Gerhard Abstreiter and coworkers) and funded by the BMBF. More ...

Full reference: Alexander Kleefen, Daniel Pedone, Christian Grunwald, Ruoshan Wei, Matthias Firnkes, Gerhard Abstreiter, Ulrich Rant, and Robert Tampé. 2010. Multiplexed Parallel Single Transport Recordings on Nanopore Arrays. Published online in Nano Letters 27 October 2010. doi 10.1021/nl1033528
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