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Harald Schwalbe appointed EU representative of Goethe University

April 2014. CEF board member and former CEF Speaker Harald Schwalbe has been appointed EU representative by the Goethe University Frankfurt. Harald Schwalbe knows how to apply successfully for major research grants from DFG as well as from the EU. He has won and coordinated more than five large EU projects in addition to CEF-II and SFBs.

The Goethe University celebrated the opening of their representative office in Brussels with a ceremony at the representation of the State Hessen to the European Union. A panel discussion in front of an audience including European policy makers and economists addressed panel discussion key aspects important to the University. For many years German non-university research institutions have already been lobbying and bringing their expertise to European policy makers but German universities have been less proactive in this area. Goethe University vice president Matthias Lutz-Bachmann considered this a drawback and has for some time promoted and prepared the opening of a Brussels office. The Goethe University not only wants to advise EU policy makers but also aims to improve access to Horizon 2020, the EU framework programme that will involve investments in research and innovation of more than 70 Million Euros. 

In Harald Schwalbe and Bernd Waas the Goethe University has chosen two of its senior scientists as EU representatives who will support the university departments with their extensive EU experience. The new office in Brussels will provide them with an excellent base.

Representatives of the Goethe University Frankfurt and the State Hessen on 8 April 2014 at the formal opening of the University’s Brussels office (from left to right): Vice President and BMLS Director Enrico Schleiff, Head of Unit of Higher Education, Research and the Arts of the Representation of Hessen Jochen Marsch, Vice President Rainer Klump, Vice President Manfred Schubert-Zsilavecz, EU representative Harald Schwalbe, CEF-Board Member Stefanie Dimmeler, Jan Pieter Krahnen from the House of Finance, EU representative Bernd Waas, Director of the Representation of the State Hessen to the EU Friedrich von Heusinger, University President Werner Müller-Esterl, Vice President Matthias Lutz-Bachmmann


Prof. Dr. Harald Schwalbe
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Center for Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance (BMRZ)
Goethe University Frankfurt