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Ernst Stelzer receives Lennart Philipson Award

January 2016. Ernst Stelzer will receive the Lennart Philipson Award 2016 in recognition of his contributions in technology innovation in the life sciences.  "Light sheet-based fluorescence microscopy is the result of more than 25 years of hard work." says Ernst Stelzer, who is Professor at the Goethe University Frankfurt. From 1983 to 2011 Ernst Stelzer was scientific group leader at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg. "It is also an excellent story of a suitable environment that can apply results of research in physics. As a member of several Units, I saw the limits of “flat biology”, the challenges of maintaining a specimen’s three-dimensionality and the necessity for time-lapse imaging. But, I also had the resources to tackle challenges in a biological manner". More about Ernst Stelzer's research ...

The Lennart Philipson Award (LPA) has been created to honor EMBL’s second Director General, Lennart Philipson (1982-1993). The award is given once per annum by the EMBL Alumni Association e.V. and is open to all EMBL alumni. It includes a cash prize of € 5000. More about the award ...


Ernst Stelzer
Buchmann Institute of Molecular Life Sciences
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