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Call for proposals for CEF focus projects

October 2014. The Cluster of Excellence Macromolecular Complexes has initiated the CEF Focus Projects Programme to support exceptionally innovative research in Frankfurt on a competitive basis. By exploring new directions and frontiers, CEF focus projects will provide collaborative nuclei for future collaborative research. Successful CEF focus projects aim to drive research to new frontiers and to support interdisciplinary research. They will combine research efforts to determine unexplored functions of macromolecular complexes at an increasing level of complexity and will have high-risk character in a positive sense.

Principal investigators of CEF-II are invited to submit research proposals on topics related to the following research areas:
•    Structure, mechanisms and dynamics of complexes in the membrane
•    Composition and dynamics of macromolecular complexes in quality control and signaling
•    Dynamics of ribonucleic acid-protein complexes
•    Design of macromolecular complexes

CEF focus projects are led by principle investigators of CEF but teams can include other scientists in Frankfurt as required for the success of the proposal. CEF focus projects will be chosen on a competitive basis using a two-tier selection process. The evaluation will involve external anonymous reviews and an external panel chaired by the CEF speaker. CEF focus projects will be funded initially for a period of up to 24 months and a maximum of 200 k€ per year each (incl. overheads). Cost effectiveness is part of the proposal evaluation and a brief plan for the allocation of funds has to be provided. Extension upon successful evaluation in a competitive manner with new applications is possible. The research undertaken will be covered by a research agreement, based on the initial proposal.

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:
•    The proposed project explores new directions and frontiers
•    The project can only be conducted due to the complementary expertise in CEF-II
•    The project combines high gain and substantial innovative risk-taking
•    Composition of the interdisciplinary research team

Submission of proposals:
•    Project teams planning to submit a proposal have to declare their intent in a letter to the
CEF Speaker containing a short abstract and the names of three potential external experts who could serve as reviewers by 15 December 2014.
•    Full applications have to be submitted electronically by 31 January 2015 to office@cef-mc.de.
•    The proposal template and further information are available on the CEF homepage: more...
•    Current CEF focus projects applying for an extension have to include a short progress report of their first funding period in the application.


Further information on the CEF Focus Project Programme