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New PNAS papers by Andreas Reichert and Jens Bredenbeck

Andreas Reichert just published a PNAS paper with collaborators from the universities of Munich, Yale and Ohio State on the ability of mammalian mitochondria to import tRNAs by a mechanism distinct from protein import [Link to full paper].

Jens Bredenbeck also has a new paper in PNAS, this time with collaborators at the universities of Zurich and Toronto. Their results provide strong evidence that the rate-limiting step in formation of a structurally constrained α-helix is the escape from heterogeneous traps rather than the nucleation rate. This conclusion has important implications for an α-helical segment within a protein, rather than an isolated α-helix, because the cross-linker is a structural constraint similar to those present during the folding of a globular protein [Link to full paper].

Also recently published by Andreas Reichert: BBA-MCR Review article on "Cristae formation- linking ultrastructure and function of mitochondria" [Link to full paper]. 


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