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Congratulations to Ernst Bamberg

September 2019. The Institute for Scientific Information, part of the Web of Science Group, announced the 2019 additions to its cohort of Citation Laureates – researchers whose work  is deemed to be of Nobel stature, as attested by markedly high citation tallies recorded in Web of Science. Ernst  Bamberg, Director Emeritus of the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics in Frankfurt/Main, together with Karl Deisseroth from Stanford University and Gero Miesenböck from Oxford University are named Citation Laureates for their contributions to the invention  and development of optogenetics.

To quote the announcement: "We recognize this trio of researchers, working independently, who helped introduce a new method that uses light to observe and control neural activity. The technology constitutes a revolution in neuroscience that has already enhanced our knowledge of Parkinson’s disease, vision restoration, addiction,  and mood disorders."

The Web of Science Group recognizes 19 world-class researchers as Citation Laureates. This designation celebrates researchers whose influence is comparable to that of Nobel Prize recipients, as attested by exceptionally high citation records within the Web of Science. The report states: "Again this year, we see, share, and celebrate the world-class researchers whose publications have been cited at high frequency – typically ranking in the top 0.01% by citations – and whose contributions to science have been transformative, even revolutionary. They now join the Hall of Citation  Laureates to accompany others among the scientific and research elite."


Link to the report of the Institute for Scientific Information

Website of the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics


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