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EMBO announces new members for 2015

May 2015. Amparo Acker-Palmer elected EMBO Member


Novel gene causing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

May 2015. Haploinsufficiency of TBK1 causes familial ALS and fronto-temporal dementia


From heart attacks to cancer: Which role do long, non-coding RNAs play?

May 2015. Biologist Stefanie Dimmeler receives ERC Advanced Grant


How do neurons and blood vessels “talk” to each other?

May 2015. Neurobiologist Amparo Acker-Palmer receives an ERC Advanced Grant


Enrico Schleiff re-elected Vice President of Goethe University

April 2015. Enrico Schleiff starts his new three-year term in May 2015


Zooming into wound healing

April 2015. Analysis of cytoskeletal reorganization during epithelial tissue sealing by large-volume electron tomography


Next generation optogenetics: tool development and application

März 2015. DFG funds new priority programme with 6 million euros


Telling new from old – visualization of newly made proteins in a cell

March 2015. New strategy to visualize within cells specific recently synthesized proteins with both spatial and temporal resolution


How ATP production is coupled to proton translocation

February 2015. Horizontal membrane-intrinsic α-helices in the stator a-subunit of an F-type ATP synthase


Circular RNA in the brain

February 2015. CircRNAs show high abundance in brain tissue and brain-expressed circRNAs are made from host genes that code for synaptic proteins


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