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DFG funds autophagy research network

November 2015. 11 million € for new collaborative research centre (SFB 1177)


New nanoscopic tools to study ligand-binding of receptors

November 2015. Identifying and quantifying two ligand-binding sites while imaging membrane receptors


Achilleas Frangakis awarded ERC Proof of Concept grant

October 2015. Funding for tomographic reconstruction algorithm Super-Sampling SART


Patent granted for new DNP equipment

October 2015. Ten to hundred-fold higher sensitivity achieved


Membership of Academia Europaea

October 2015. Academia Europaea elects Ivan Dikic as new member


Ivan Dikic appointed senior editor of eLife

October 2015. Senior editorship of non-profit research journal supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Max Planck Society and Wellcome Trust


Model system for the study of heartbeat irregularities

September 2015. Optogenetically paced muscular pump of C. elegans as model system for cardiac arrythmias


Start of EU network iNEXT

September 2015. Access to state-of-the-art infrastructures for structural biology for scientists across Europe


Novel optogenetic tool

September 2015. Novel optogenetic tool for light-dependent generation of the cellular signaling molecule cGMP


New set of standards allows accurate protein counting

August 2015. A selection of easy to use bacterial homo-oligomers for the validation of molecular counting methods using fluorescence microscopy


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