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Call for applications: GIERSCH Endowed Professorship (W2) for Bioinformatics

2 September 2015. A generous initiative of the Karin and Carlo Giersch Foundation enables the Faculty of Biosciences of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main in cooperation with the Frankfurt Institute for...


New set of standards allows accurate protein counting

August 2015. A selection of easy to use bacterial homo-oligomers for the validation of molecular counting methods using fluorescence microscopy


SLAP: Small labeling pair for single-molecule super-resolution imaging

August 2015. New method avoids masking by large probes yet achieves labeling specificity comparable to antibodies


Formation of ordered nanoclusters controls cell-cell contact fluidity

July 2015. Visualizing single cadherins within cell membranes at nanometric resolution showed that they arrange in ordered clusters. Disruption of the cis-interface indicates that formation of oligomeric clusters controls the...


Harald Schwalbe receives award for "Best Doctoral Supervision"

July 2015. The central graduate academy of Goethe University Frankfurt awards prize to recognize outstanding performance as PhD supervisor


When quality control fails

June 2015. New autophagy receptor with central role in cellular quality control discovered


From heart attacks to cancer: Which role do long, non-coding RNAs play?

May 2015. Biologist Stefanie Dimmeler receives ERC Advanced Grant


How do neurons and blood vessels “talk” to each other?

May 2015. Neurobiologist Amparo Acker-Palmer receives ERC Advanced Grant


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