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Next generation optogenetics: tool development and application

März 2015. DFG funds new priority programme with 6 million euros


Telling new from old – visualization of newly made proteins in a cell

March 2015. New strategy to visualize within cells specific recently synthesized proteins with both spatial and temporal resolution


Circular RNA in the brain

February 2015. CircRNAs show high abundance in brain tissue and brain-expressed circRNAs are made from host genes that code for synaptic proteins


Ultrasensitive quantification of TAP-dependent antigen compartmentalization

February 2015. New flow cytometry assay allows monitoring of transporter activity under close to physiological conditions in scarce primary immune cells


Spatiotemporal control of puromycin application with UV illumination

February 2015. New tool for the study of locatised protein synthesis


Annular lipids linked to flippase activity of a transporter

February 2015. Lipids important for structure and function of an ABC transporter revealed


PLEKHM1: A multifunctional adaptor for the endolysosomal system

January 2015. The protein PLEKHM1 regulates autophagosome-lysosome fusion as well as Salmonella-containing vacuole biogenesis and infection.


Light sheet-based fluorescence microscopy is the Nature Method of the Year 2014

January 2015. International recognition for the major contribution of the microscopy technology developed by Ernst Stelzer and his group.


Mechanistic insight from crystal structure of mitochondrial complex I

January 2015. 3D structure of complex I at 3.6 to 3.9 Å resolution published in the journal Science.


New approach to modifying functional properties of rhodopsin optogenetic tools

December 2014 – via the retinal chromophore, not the protein


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