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General conformational dynamics of heterodimeric ABC transporters

January 2017. Crystal structure and mechanistic basis of a functional homolog of the antigen transporter TAP


Extending the paradigm

December 2016. Coupled ATPase-adenylate kinase activity in ABC transporters


Caging of long oligonucleotides

December 2016. New photo-tether strategy provides robust and versatile tool for the light-activation of longer functional oligonucleotides


Autophagy captures the Nobel Prize

December 2016. Essay highlights milestones that lead to the discovery of the molecular principles governing autophagy


Further funding for Ub-Net

December 2016. LOEWE programme Ubiquitin Networks extended


New ubiquitin chemistry regulates life processes

December 2016. Phosphoribosylation of ubiquitin promotes serine ubiquitination and impairs conventional ubiquitination


DFG award for international marketing concept

December 2016. International marketing concept of UBAUT networks receives DFG award


SFB 1080 funding extended

November 2016. €12 million for research in the Rhine-Main area on molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural homeostasis


Structure of RNA polymerase I transcribing ribosomal DNA genes

November 2016. Structure with and without nucleic acids solved at 3.8 Å resolution by cryo-electron microscopy


Resolving the end-point of protein production

November 2016. Structure of ribosome post-recycling complex probed by chemical cross-linking and mass spectrometry


Sweetening neurotransmitter receptors and other neuronal proteins

October 2016. Researchers discover a “sugar-code” for neuronal membrane proteins


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