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Quality of protein folding in cells is guided by synonymous codon usage

February 2016. NMR reveals multiple conformational and oxidation states of synonymous codon variants


Uncovering the secrets of root growth

January 2016. Rules and self-organizing properties of post-embryonic plant organ cell division patterns


Live-cell protein labelling with nanometre precision by cell squeezing

Efficient and minimally disruptive light-triggered tracing of native proteins and subsequent super-resolution imaging of live-cell phenomena.


Ernst Stelzer receives Lennart Philipson Award

January 2016. Award recognizes outstanding contribution in technology innovation in the life sciences


Roles of autophagy during tumorigenesis

January 2016. Autophagy and modular restructuring of metabolism control germline tumor differentiation and proliferation in C. elegans


Key protein in eukaryotic replication occurs in distinct populations

January 2016. The central scaffold protein PCNA appears in replicating mammalian cells as two populations of slow and fast diffusion


3D Bioprinting

January 2016. New project aims at rewiring living cells by in situ-lateral organization of membrane receptors


'Traceless’ protein tracing

January 2016. High-affinity trans-splicing directed by a minimal interaction pair


Probing the stoichiometry of membrane proteins by single-molecule localization microscopy

December 2015. New counting strategy capable of reporting the oligomeric state of dense, membrane-bound protein complexes


Licht als filigranes Werkzeug

CEF-Forscher nutzen Licht als Werkzeug, um zelluläre Prozesse aufzuklären - beleuchtet vom Wissenschaftsmagazin „Forschung Frankfurt“


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