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Structure of the human MHC-I peptide-loading complex:

Cover image: Arne Möller (MPI of Biophysics), Simon Trowitzsch & Robert Tampé (Goethe University)

TLR4 receptors (cyan) on the cell surface, (left) under a conventional light microscope, (center) visualised using highly resolved microscopy, and (right) the crystal structure of the dimer:

copyright Darius Widera & Mike Heilemann



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Detecting new proteins in behaving mice

November 2017. By using innovative labeling methods, Max Planck researchers develop a technique to measure newly synthesized proteins in the active mouse brain.


Structure of the human MHC-I peptide-loading complex

November 2017. Cryo-EM structure provides framework for understanding the quality control of antigenic peptides in adaptive immunity


Microscopy method makes dimerization of membrane receptors visible

November 2017. Organisation of the toll-like receptor TLR4 on the cell surface


Mechanism for precise targeting of the immune response uncovered

October 2017. Structure of the peptide editor TAPBPR in complex with MHC I reveals how adaptive immune responses are shaped by high-affinity epitope selection


Molecular basis for memory and learning

Oktober 2017. Brain development and plasticity share similar signalling pathways


Biophysiker erhält den Adolf Messer Stiftungspreis

September 2017. Mit 25.000 Euro dotierter Forschungspreis geht an Benesh Joseph


Formation and stability of lipid membrane nanotubes

September 2017. Characterization of the formation and stabilization of the tubular endoplasmic reticulum


Conformational dynamics of DNA with atomic-scale resolution

August 2017. Resolving the conformational dynamics of DNA with ­­­Ångstrom resolution by pulsed electron-electron double resonance and molecular dynamics


RTN3 identified as novel ER-phagy receptor

August 2017. Reticulon 3 triggers fragmentation of ER tubules and their delivery to lysosomes


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