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New insights into how residence time of RNA polymerase and refolding kinetics must be fine-tuned for the regulation of transcription

June 2017. Pausing guides RNA folding to populate transiently stable RNA structures for riboswitch-based transcription regulation


Novel regulatory mechanism for ligand-induced action at a distance

May 2017. Helical jackknives control the gates of the double-pore K+ uptake system KtrAB


Higher resolution achieved through the combination of light sheet microscopy with SIM

May 2017. csiLSFM combines light-sheet fluorescence microscopy and coherent structured illumination for a lateral resolution below 100 nm


Linear ubiquitination controls Salmonella growth

May 2017. Combining super-resolution microscopy with cell biological analysis shows that ubiquitin chains transform the bacterial surface into a molecular signalling platform


Light-activatable antimiRs efficiently and locally restrict target miR activity in vivo

May 2017. Light-inducible antimiR-92a as a therapeutic strategy to promote skin repair in healing-impaired diabetic mice


Open Science Symposium eröffnete neue Perspektiven

April 2017. Sprecher nationaler und internationaler Organisationen diskutierten neue Konzepte von Open Science/Open Access


CEF-Forscher bei Wissenschaftssendung Quarks & Co

April 2017. Harald Schwalbe erläutert NMR-Studien zur Proteinfaltung im Fernsehen


Stefan Knapp to receive the Industry & Academic Collaboration Award

April 2017. Development of protein interaction inhibitors targeting bromodomains honoured by the Biochemical Society


Erin Schuman awarded ERC Advanced Investigator Grant

April 2017. Funding for research on specialized ribosomes for neuronal protein synthesis


Ivan Dikic awarded ERC Advanced Investigator Grant

April 2017. Dissecting and targeting ubiquitin networks in the course of bacterial infections


Shedding light on ribosome recycling

April 2017. Structure of the 40S–ABCE1 post-splitting complex in ribosome recycling and translation initiation


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