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CRISPR/Cas libraries open new avenues in cancer research

March 2019. Innovative methods lead to foundation of start-up Vivlion GmbH


Humboldt research fellow investigates rare hereditary disease

March 2019. Rukmini Mukherjee investigates what role reticulon mutations play in hereditary spastic paraplegia


Dimers of ATP synthase self-assemble into rows and induce membrane curvature

February 2019. Mitochondrial ATP synthase dimers assemble spontaneously into rows upon membrane reconstitution and these rows bend the membrane


Ernst Bamberg receives Rumford Prize of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

February 2019. Recognition for contribution to the discovery and development of optogenetics


Protective role of an lncRNA against atherosclerosis

January 2019. Deficiency of the long non-coding RNA MALAT1 promotes atherosclerosis and plaque inflammation


BoTox toxin turned into a precision research tool

January 2019. Photoactivatable botulinum toxin for inducible control of neurotransmission


Plant-specific ribosome biogenesis factors

January 2019. Discovery of plant-specific ribosome biogenesis factors with essential function in rRNA processing


What fuels memory?

January 2019. Mitochondria are essential for local protein synthesis and synaptic plasticity in neurons


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