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Simone Fulda elected vice-president of Goethe University Frankfurt

February 2018. Childhood cancer expert Simone Fulda elected by the senate of Goethe University as vice-president for research and academic infrastructure.


Clonal expansion of endothelial cells contributes to blood vessel growth

January 2018. Mature endothelial cells have the capacity to clonally expand and contribute to ischemia-induced newly formed vessels


Cause of severe hereditary disease revealed

January 2018. Protein aggregation of the p63 transcription factor cause the severe skin fragility in AEC syndrome


Regulation of endothelial gene expression by a long non-coding RNA

January 2018. The lncRNA GATA6-AS epigenetically regulates endothelial gene expression via interaction with LOXL2


Stefan Knapp is among the most cited protein scientists in Europe

January 2018. Lab Times ranking lists Stefan Knapp as the 10th most cited European protein scientist


Subtype specificity in human peptide GPCRs by DNP-enhanced solid-state NMR

January 2018. Study solves puzzle how closely related receptors with high sequence similarity differentiate between very similar peptides


Trapping light-catching proteins

December 2017. Novel approach to analyze photointermediate states of rhodopsins


Structural insights into ion conduction by channelrhodopsin 2

November 2017. Wild-type ChR2 structure solved at a resolution of 2.4 Å


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